There is no question that I loved being naked. Give me a chance to be naked either solo or with others, and I’m there. But while I love “being naked” (a name I was thinking for this blog), there is a certain sensibility that goes along with that. That sensibility is most evident in the cooler months, or winter (as we call it here).

There is nothing enjoyable with shivering because you are cold, when there is an option to do something about it. Some may say just to crank the heat up in the house, and all the problems will be solved. Alas the sensibility factor kicks in and suggests that it is not reasonable to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on heating when you could just put on a sweater and sweat pants. (My preference is very loose baggy sweat pants, just as a by the way.)

Of course, if the opportunity to get naked with others was there, my sensibilities disappear. Where the sensibilities kick in is keeping my house hot all the time so I can be naked with temperatures close to freezing. It’s cool, but not in the “cool” way.

So the point of this story? I want the warmer weather back so I can get up, stay naked and not have to worry about being a sensible nudist.

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Summer Nudity · September 25, 2014 at 1:02 PM

[…] amongst the nudist community that would say anytime is a good time to be naked. As I mentioned in my earlier post, common sense will sometimes dictate when and when it is not the best time to get […]

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