Summer is just a good time to be naked. Of course, there are some amongst the nudist community that would say anytime is a good time to be naked. As I mentioned in my earlier post, common sense will sometimes dictate when and when it is not the best time to get naked.

That being said, summer tends to lend itself more to wearing less and less. I’ve been fortunate that my days at home (when I work at home) have been spent completely naked (except the odd delivery or two). I always have a pair of shorts handy for those moments.

The addition of pool has also been a good incentive to spend more time textile-free. While our pool is not yet suitable for naked bathing or tanning, we have been planning the right placement of trees, etc. to build a level of privacy that will give us that opportunity.

Summer also brings out wanna-be nudists as well, and I’ve found that there have been a few friends recently who like the idea of getting their gear off in the pool or hot tub in the evening (when it is “safe” to do so). I’ve even had a few friends just come over to hang out au-naturel  🙂 Like I said, summer is definitely the time for being naked!

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