One of my new year goals is to become a better writer, and a more consistent blog poster. Given that I have a few blogs that I “own” this may be a lofty goal, but as they say here in Texas: “hold my beer.”

What better way to kick this new goal off than by a reflection of what 2018 offered … from a naturist perspective.

From the outset, I think 2018 was my most naked year to date. As soon as it was warm enough – and to be honest, a little before that even – the clothes were off. As I’ve shared before, I am fortunate that my husband and roommate (two separate people) both understand and “accept” my nudity in the house. As the years have progressed, this list has expanded to include many friends who are not surprised when they visit and I’m naked. It’s taken a while, but we are almost there.

With that being said, my claim that 2018 was the most naked year to date, appears to be have been limited to mainly at-home activities, rather than visiting resorts (which I have done in the past).

Campfire 2018

A group of friends and I did head up to Beaver’s Bend in OK for a weekend during the Spring, and it was warm enough around the campfire to get naked and enjoy a “clothes smoke-free” experience. Rinse off, smoke smell gone! Loved it, and happily one of my buddies dislikes clothes as much as I do, so that was fun!

2018 also proved to be the year that I “came out” as a nudist to a few more people, which has provided the opportunity to be naked more when people are visiting. During the year I had a friend temporarily live with us in the early summer, and rather than “hide” my nudity, I made it known that I’d be naked at the house most of the time. Not an issue.

Side note: this prompts me to write a post on the coming out process for nudists. Like LGBT individuals, it’s a personal process, but it is a process none-the-least. Interestingly, as a gay man, I find it more awkward (still) to disclose I’m a nudist, than telling someone I’m gay. 

Summer 2019 is approaching, so it is will another great year to be a nudist!

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Kelly Bryan · January 25, 2019 at 3:18 PM

Being Nude I always sought out. Ever since earliest childhood I looked for private spaces where it would be “safe” to be naked. And to be complete it meant removing socks, watch, rings anything that wasn’t of me.
It was always my greatest joys to find large open spaces to be naked stashing minimal clothing somewhere. Since I most never wear underwear or socks it was just pants/shorts, T-shirt and shoes. Driving nude keeping just shorts on floor is easiest and often most adventuresome.

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