So it may come as no surprise (based on my blog), that I like to be “clothes free” every opportunity that I can. Fortunately, I live with an amazing spouse (a “textile”) who accepts my need for being naked. I’m also fortunate that the boarder (another “textile”) who lives with us (and has done for some years) who was introduced to my preference a few years back. As the warmer weather starts to infiltrate the southern states, I thought this may be a good topic to write about: what is it like to live naked in a clothed world?

So first things first. Back in 2007 when I decided that being naked was going to be more of a way of life for me (at least in my home, and in social situations), I was less open about being nude while the roommate was around. I worked from home a lot, so I was able to spend a good amount of time naked during the day, but when the sound of the truck was heard, I would slip my shorts back on. this kind of bothered me, but at the same time I wanted to maintain a comfortable environment for all in the house. Fast forward a few years, and one day I just said (to the roommate who had “caught” me naked a few times), “get used to seeing me naked, I plan on being that a lot more.” And the response was simple, “okay.”

And it was okay.

Of course, there are limitations, expectations and understandings. If either the spouse or the roommate are expecting guests, they give me advance notice (if I am home at least), and I get dressed. I also give advance notice if I have friends over who are going to be naked (I explain to any guest that neither the spouse or the roommate are nudists). That way there are no surprises.

Fast forward a couple more years, and life is pretty normal living naked in a clothed world for me. Over the years, many of our friends now understand my preference to be clothes free and some are comfortable with me being nude when they are visiting (and most of the time, they will get naked if there is any time in the hot tub planned).

Today, as we continue to increase the height of our fences around the house, living life naked is expanding to outside (during the day; nighttime was mostly always nude time). For the first time in many years, I tan naked, and when the water warms up a little more in the pool, daytime swims sans suit will also form part of my day. Living life naked has turned out to be pretty good in my own clothed world.

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