A new trade organization has been created to help build a better understanding and provide networking opportunities for social nudism. The Naturist & Clothing Optional Resort Business Association (NACORBA) launched earlier this year and is seeking members (bloggers may access a free Bronze membership). Any positive influence that supports a wider acceptance of social nudism is to be applauded, and I hope that the association is able to become successful in its mission.

Here is what the site has to say:

A robust, thriving business community is an important element to grow the social nudism movement into a niche of the mainstream. NACORBA is be a trade organization for the social nudism industry.

NACORBA will provide support for the affiliated resorts and businesses in the areas of marketing, bulk purchasing, vendor negotiation and networking opportunities.

The value of bringing together resort ownership and management teams along with like-minded businesses and bloggers cannot be overstated as a critical component to the growth of the social nudism movement.

The opportunity is here. Now is the time to make a stand and legitimize the social nudism movement.

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