The summer seems to be speeding by, and as the summer starts its journey away from life here in Dallas, I am wondering where all my naked time has been spent.

While the social part of nudism has been more limited this year, I think most of my time at home has been spent either naked or close to naked. I know people here this all the time, but there are so many benefits to going naked. It’s better for the body (the body cools down much faster when you are nude), the skin can breathe more (all over), and it’s comfortable beyond belief. There are other benefits, like having less laundry to do in the summer (especially as I am not a fan of laundry), and cooling costs being lower.

Of course, I have been “out there” in the textile world a lot more this summer with a new job that has kept me out of the house more than I have done in the past. Naturally, as soon as I walk through my door, I’m back to where I should be.

I still have to get to Hippie Hollow this summer and spend the day soaking up the rays by the lake.


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