I just read a good article on the adoption of social nudism by younger people. I think the casualness of the article and the people interviewed really highlights what it is to be nude socially. At least I associate with what they have to say.

One point that is true (in my view), but is changing is the reference to visiting resorts. The age range is skewed towards the older population, but I do think that this is changing. The demographics of resort membership may not change, but the diversity in age is very evident with some of the special activities that are hosted at resorts (e.g. fun runs, etc.).  There are probably a large pile of studies that explain why older people are more comfortable or more willing to socialize naked with others, or belong to resorts. I think this has more to do with why older people (i.e. retired people) do a lot of things: they have the time, and they have the money.

There have even been some articles about the death of naturism if a younger population doesn’t start to embrace the lifestyle. One observation I have made is that lately I’ve been seeing more younger people attend activities, so I don’t believe that naturism will “die.” I do feel that the face of naturism is changing, and this article really shares how this is happening (in part).

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