Here is a collection of thoughts about naturism that I have learned along the naturist pathway.

  1. Nude is not lewd.
  2. Being naked is a part of life, and … well, natural.
  3. Every body is unique.
  4. Sexual arousal happens, but don’t display it. (If it happens – mainly for men – cover yourself with a towel, turn over … but never show it off.)
  5. It is okay to look at the body before you. The person in front of you is doing the same. Don’t drool.
  6. It is never okay to touch someone inappropriately. Just because a person is naked, doesn’t mean what is exposed is public property.
  7. It is never okay to touch yourself inappropriately (see #4).
  8. You will be very surprised at how comfortable you can be naked … after the initial shock of being naked (for the first time).
  9. You will want to be naked again… and again … and again.
  10. Find a friend or group of friends to be naked with. It is more normal than you may think.
  11. Always use a towel to sit on when naked.  Take one with you, or ask you friend for one (if you don’t have one).
  12. Don’t cook bacon (or other splattery greasy foods) naked – sensibility should always prevail.
  13. Be mindful of guests in your home. Don’t assume that they will be okay with you being naked (some people are uptight about this). At the least, be honest and tell them you are a nudist and they will see you naked. They can make their own minds up.
  14. Never force someone to be naked. It is not for everyone, but be encouraging to those that may never have tried it.

Review this article on WikiHow on how to Practice Naturism.