I like being naked. What more is there really to say?

Well probably a lot!

I have been an active social naturist/nudist for nearly ten years. Prior to that, I used to go to nude beaches, pool parties where clothing was optional, and occasionally hang out at home naked.

In 2007, I rediscovered naturism. More specifically, I found social naturism: others who liked to spend time doing the normal everyday kind of things that people do, but only doing these naked.

For me, naturism is about accepting ourselves for who we are. Since becoming more of a nudist, I have found that my issues that I had with my body have all but disappeared. Nudists come in all shapes, sizes and configurations. We are all different, and that is a good thing. I being naked was putting yourself out there … literally. There is no hiding behind clothes. You are just out there.

I live clothes free as much as I can. I have many friends who are textiles who don’t get it, but tolerate my nudity and I have many friends who embrace the nudist lifestyle and enjoy just letting it all hang out … naturally.

Side note: Given the nature of the work that I do, and the public status of this blog, I have decided not to post my face pictures. I will post pictures from time to time, and those images which are not mine will be credited (when possible).