Would you cruise naked on the Caribbean Seas?

Recently I was checking out some forum posts on TrueNudists, and saw that “The BIG Nude Boat for 2016” was in the planning stages. This cruise is organized by Bare Necessities Tour and Travel.

As a naturist, I love the idea of vacationing naked. For a long time, I’ve had aspirations to head to the Mexican Riviera to one of the all-inclusive resorts, visit Cape d’Adge in France or just find a remote beach area in the US and be clothes-free. I hadn’t really considered a cruise … like on a boat!

The challenge with this type of vacation planning is that my spouse is not a nudist, so this imposes some limitations. A cruise could be a good solution, as you wouldn’t be required to be naked, but there would be plenty of opportunities to be naked in the sun.

It is tempting, and I think it will remain on the short-list of vacation options.

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