One of the great passions of mine is travel. When I get the opportunity to travel, I take a brief moment to check on the local nudist options in the area, and when these are limited (or non-existent in most cases), I will search out fellow nudists to spend time with.

One of the better websites is True Nudists, which provides the opportunity to search for nudists in specific geographic regions, and then connect with them. I’ve been fortunate to make some friends through this site, and when planning trips will often post status updates to share with my friends. Of course, this is limited by the connections you have, not so much the connections one has yet to make.

But what about those needs for a quicker connection? Lately I have been using the social app Grindr to connect with other nudists. This is not necessary the intended purpose of the site, but if you are looking for people who like to be naked, it provides an instant list of options. The trick is to work through those options to remove the “sex only” people who like being naked. This app has fast become a great source of finding nudists in the area that you are visiting.

Technology has made it easier to find and connect with people, but with all the other “add-ons” with some of these sites, it can be hard to find an “instant” buddy who just wants to hang out when traveling. Any recommendations?

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