Recently the TLC channel aired a show called “Buying Naked” which takes place in Pasco County, Florida. According to the show, this area is home to one of the world’s largest nudist communities and a real estate agent – Jackie Youngblood – has fast become one of the leading realtors working in this niche community. Jackie – who is a nudist – helps her clothing-optional clientele find a home that suits them, and Buying Naked’s two-part series follows two couples as they bare all and join Jackie in their search for a dream home.

Having watched both episodes, it was a fun viewing experience, especially the well placed items to shield the couple’s nudity. The show also insert a number of “nudist facts” through the show to explain to non-nudists (textiles) some of the nudist etiquette.

The most troubling part of the show – which was not the shows fault (per se) – is the fact that they had to have their bodies hidden at all. This is more a reflection on society’s expectations and tolerances. Sadly, it is not uncommon to see a person get shot on television, but to expose a female breast is seen to be more damaging to society. What is up with that?

As we are finding with gun violence, the more exposure that young people have to this through movies, video games, etc. the more de-sensitized they become. Imagine if we adopted this mentality to the human body, and found that young people (or all people) were able to see a naked woman or man without anyone freaking out. The more you see (like guns) the more used to it you become. It really isn’t that difficult a concept to grasp.

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