About five years ago, I discovered that there were a bunch of people running naked around Texas. I was – to be honest – quite surprised, as (1) we were in Texas, and (2) people don’t get naked in Texas. Well I was wrong. VERY wrong!

Back in October 2007, me and a buddy headed up to Bluebonnet Nudist Park to check out the “Bare As You Dare 5K” run that the resort had been hosting for 16 years. Having only just started to get naked socially it was almost overwhelming to see a 100+ people, all naked, and just living life as they should … naked!

Of course, I was hooked. I will state that I am not a runner. I will probably never be a runner, but I do like the feeling of being naked with a bunch of other people, in a very pleasant setting, making an attempt to run/walk/crawl my way through some nature trails for 3.12 miles.

So yesterday was my fifth run at Bluebonnet. I didn’t run. I did however cheer the runners on, catch up with some old friends, and made some new ones. One thing I will say about nudists, we are a friendly people.

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