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why yes, i am naked

n@ked j@mes - why yes, i am naked

Would you Cruise Naked?

Would you cruise naked on the Caribbean Seas?

Recently I was checking out some forum posts on TrueNudists, and saw that “The BIG Nude Boat for 2016” was in the planning stages. This cruise is organized by Bare Necessities Tour and Travel.

As a naturist, I love the idea of vacationing naked. For a long time, I’ve had aspirations to head to the Mexican Riviera to one of the all-inclusive resorts, visit Cape d’Adge in France or just find a remote beach area in the US and be clothes-free. I hadn’t really considered a cruise … like on a boat!

The challenge with this type of vacation planning is that my spouse is not a nudist, so this imposes some limitations. A cruise could be a good solution, as you wouldn’t be required to be naked, but there would be plenty of opportunities to be naked in the sun.

It is tempting, and I think it will remain on the short-list of vacation options.

Happy New Year

To quote John Lennon,

Another year over,
A new one just begun.

With 2015 having officially started (in the winter), the planning now starts for all the nude opportunities that will happen over the coming 12 months.

While our house will have a teenager in it for the next six months (which reduces the options for nudity in the home), it looks like there will be ample events happening to keep my nude sanity.

The AANR-SW Nude Racing Series has published their schedule for 2015 (click here). Of the races (all 5Ks), I hope to attend at least three of these: Wildwood’s Skinnydipper Run, Bluebonnet’s Bare As You Dare and Armadillo’s Roadkill Run. Let me know if you are planning on attending any of these and we’ll connect.

Also through 2015, I will be doing better to attend the Shirts and Skins events (in Dallas). The group is a male only group is an invite only group, and as long as we have met at least one time prior, I’m happy to share these events.

Once the warmer weather arrives, I’m hopeful to have more clothes-free days with the occasional nude social thrown in. Let’s see if we can make this happen.

Happy New Year!

Sleeping Naked

(c) Malcolm Lidbury (https://www.flickr.com/photos/pinkpasty/)

(C) Malcolm Lidbury 2007

For a lot of people, their first real experience at “being naked” is sleeping nude. The freedom – and sometimes excitement – of not wearing clothes to bed can be the beginning of a journey that opens the door to naturism. But did you know there are actual benefits to sleeping naked?

According to an article from Gizmodo India, besides just being more comfortable there are “scientific” reasons to sleep naked. These range from enhancing blood circulation, better sleeping patterns due to the body being able to control its’ temperature, reducing stress and enhancing our relationships There is no source for the science behind these assertions, however based on my own practice, I can say that there is anecdotal evidence to support these claims.

Lately I have been having some back issues which has involved me using a pain relieving cream (i.e. Ben Gay) which involves me wearing a tee-shirt to prevent any unnecessary residue on my bedding. I hate it. I feel that I am being constricted by the tee, and just when I think I’m comfortable I move and have to spend time readjusting the tee. There have been times that the tee has been so stretched due to my movement that I’ve felt that blood was not circulating well due to this restriction. When I am naked in bed, I have no issue with getting comfortable (or with constricted blood flow).

I also see a benefit to temperature control. In the colder months, it can be a little more of a shock to the body when you first get into bed, but the body tends to adjust rather quickly. I’ve noticed this more recently with the need to wear a tee to bed. It is odd that such a natural fabric like cotton (which my tees are made out of) can add so much heat when I am in bed. In part, I think this is more related to the closeness of the tee to the body, which impacts the body’s ability to more easily regular its’ temperature.

I’m not certain that my stress levels are really affected that much, though I will say that my frustration levels are higher when I need to wear some form of textiles while sleeping. This has mainly to do with the “fight” I have with clothes (see above).

Overall, I believe (anecdotally) that there are many more benefits to sleeping nude, and I would definitely encourage anyone who is thinking about their first foray into naturism to consider this option. If nothing else, you may feel better in the morning.